Leg Avenue Stockings perfect for Halloween 2017

We are excited to be adding new Halloween themed Leg Avenue Stockings and Leggings to our inventory.

Leg Avenue Halloween Stockings are perfect to add to your Halloween costume.  We have so many different styles, sizes and themes to choose from.

We are open late for Halloween supplies so please come in and our sales representatives will help you find the perfect stocking for your Halloween costume.


Paint Glow Make Up for Glow in the Dark and Glitter

Paint Glow from the UK – we stock it at The Garden of Eden Canada

Halloween is right around the corner and we wanted to promote our Adult Make Up for Costume Accessories.   We introduced Paint Glow for the Rave Season this Spring and Summer and with Halloween right around the corner – Paint Glow has the perfect Glow in Dark colours for that sexy or scary Halloween Costume.

At The Garden of Eden in Victoria, BC we offer Adult Costumes but we have a huge selection of Costume Accessories and Paint Glow is just one vendor and brand name we carry.

Paint Glow comes in tubes for body painting, face painting, lipstick and eye shadow – there are so many different sizes and uses for Paint Glow products. Check them the Glow in Dark pics.

So this Halloween 2017 come and visit our store on Douglas Street downtown in Victoria, BC, Canada


Tips on How to Wear Stilettos

At The Garden of Eden we sell Stilettos and many newbies to these fabulous shoes ask us some questions on how to wear them and these are some fun tips to keep in mind.

Make sure your shoes are stable. Stand them on a table with both heels facing you, then tap the heels. If they rock, don’t buy them. Always perform warm-up exercises first to strengthen feet and help prevent discomfort and injury.

Check your posture. Make sure your head is on top of your spine (don’t jut your neck forwards) and your weight is anchored evenly in your heels.

Turn the foot out and lead with the ball of the foot. It should touch the ground a split second before the heel.

Carry a tennis ball in your handbag. On a dinner date or at work, slip your shoe off under the table and massage your feet with the ball. This helps release tension and keeps feet supple.

Practice, practice, practice.

Come into The Garden of Eden to see all our collection of shoes from size 5 to 14 in different styles, colours and heights.

Amazing sexy shoes from sizes 5 to 14

We Vibe Unite one of our favourites

We love this We-Vibe Unite from Standard Innovation. This couples toy is reasonable priced and still can be worn when a couple are making love including the Remote Control version from their Smart Phone.
We have lots of Unites in stock so come down and check them out as our pricing is very reasonable.
See details below on Unite:
Couples can experience a new level of passion together with We-Vibe Unite. She wears it during sex for hands-free clitoral stimulation and the slim, flexible design makes it comfortable for you both. Use the one-button remote to easily switch between 10 unique vibration modes.
How It Works
Unite provides extra stimulation to the clitoris. She wears it during sex and together couples can explore a new level of passion.
It’s rechargeable and lasts for up to 60 minutes of play on a single charge. No costly and wasteful disposable batteries.
One-Button Remote
The easy-to-useremote features a single button that either partner can use and it works up to a distance of three meters.
Simple & Discreet
The slim and flexible design is comfortable for both partners during sex. It’s discreet with its small size and non-phallic design.
Vibration Modes
– Low
– Medium
– High
– Pulse
– Wave
– Cha Cha
– Tease
– Throb
– Ramp
– Ascend
Comfortable Design
Soft and flexible design fits the body comfortably.
Powerful Vibrations
Intensify shared pleasure during sex with deep powerful vibrations that stimulate her clitoris.
Whisper Quiet
Ready for spontaneous fun no matter where you are.
Remote Control
Easy one-button remote.
Easy to clean. Wash under running water.
USB Rechargeable 
Charges in 6 hours.
Body-Safe Silicone
Free from phthalates and BPA, and made without latex.
10 Vibration Modes 
To mix things up for whatever your mood.
Use Only with Water-Based Lubricants
Carbon neutral manufacturing.
2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Product Specifications
Body-safe silicone, free from phthalates and BPA, and made without latex.
Vibrator Battery
USB rechargeable lithium ion battery
Run Time
Up to 60 mins
74.6mm x 45.5mm x 29.7mm

Adult DVD’s and Magazines they do still exist

The Garden of Eden in Victoria, BC is one of the oldest adult stores since the 1970’s.  Sex Toys were all fun and exciting but it was the Adult Video Tapes and Magazines that made the store successful.

Times have changed and the Internet has taken over the movie and magazine market.  However we still offer Adult Magazines and Adult DVD’s.

Maybe the selection of Adult Magazines have dwindled down to a handful of companies but we still offer them in the plastic sheet casing from Penthouse, Barely Legal, Hustler etc and of course we have different selections for Bondage, Gay, Lesbian etc.

And we always have the back room open for Adult DVD”s and we have tried our best for our selections of Gay Films, Plus Size Girls and Guys, MILFS, GILFS, Transexual, Hetrosexual, Educational, Blow Job, Anal, Gang Bangs – you name the Niche we try our best to get a film in DVD you could purchase from us.

So come down and check out our Adult Magazine and Adult DVD”s as we try our best to continue to stock this dying breed of Porn.

Tips for Crossdressers

So, you are a male who is very attracted to the idea of dressing as a woman. Their clothes, shoes, and hairstyles play a siren’s song at you as you go through your daily routine. “Wear me” they seem to say. Why we get these feelings is a mystery. Research into why men want to crossdress isn’t high on the list of things the human race wants to figure out so we just do what we do. We can take comfort that the urge to emulate women has been around for centuries.

The important thing about crossdressing is to achieve a balance in your life that gives you time and the freedom to crossdress when you need to while letting you take care of the things you must handle in male mode. Give yourself permission to be who you are. If that’s a heterosexual crossdresser who needs to “dress up” on a regular schedule then go on and do it. If you don’t you will be miserable. Suppressing your feminine urges are likely to make you an unpleasant person.

Crossdressing and transsexuality are points on a trans spectrum and it’s important to identify where you are on that spectrum. Some who label themselves crossdressers are amazed to find out that they need to express their feminine component all the time. Some who identify as transsexuals are not good candidates for reassignment surgery. It’s important to sort these things out with a competent therapist who understands gender issues. The following guide is aimed at those who are satisfied with part time dressing as the opposite sex, but there are tips that are applicable to all of those crossing the male to female gender border for the first time.

A Mini Guide to Crossdressing

If you are new to unleashing the inner lady you are no doubt wondering how to get started. It can be quite daunting. The majority of women spend their childhood and teen years learning the feminine arts. Starting from scratch as an adult male is quite a task.

Every male is different. Some will have masculine qualities that are difficult to hide. Some will have advantages such as shortness, less body hair or a light beard. Each crossdresser needs to find the things they need to change, temporarily in most cases — or permanently, if they are able, that will make their face and body conform more to that of The Basic Woman.

Basic woman on right. Makeup applied on the left.

Basic woman on right. Makeup applied on the left.

The Basic Woman

Every woman, without any makeup, jewelry or sexy, stylish clothing is the basic woman. She has soft skin; long hair or short hair cut in a feminine style; she moves and talks in a feminine way and her body has some curves. As a crossdresser, before you put on makeup and clothing, you must prepare your canvas. An artist has to get their canvas ready before any paint is applied and you are an artist whose canvas is your own body. The first step is to get your body and face ready by making them appear as close to the basic woman’s as you can.

Be Smooth

The majority of women don’t have beards or heavy body hair. They often have a fuzz on their faces and some have light, fine hair on their arms and legs. Some women have heavier hair on their legs. As a crossdresser attempting to look like a woman that hair needs to be removed. (Cultural rule!) For most part time crossdressers shaving is the answer. Your face needs to be as smooth as you can get it. There are plenty of shaving tutorials on the Internet. Every man’s beard is different and you need to experiment with techniques to determine which is the best one to give you the closest possible shave.



Leg hair can be shaved and should stay smooth for at least a day of femme fun. If you don’t mind a bit of pain, waxing will remove it for at least a week in most cases. Again, everyone’s leg hair is different and the removal method that works best and fits your lifestyle is the one you want to use.

If you absolutely can’t get rid of your leg hair due to concerns over family and friends noticing that you’ve banished it, you can disguise it. Get a pair of flesh-tone dance tights. (Available in stores that cater to dancers.) These are thick enough that the hair will not be seen. Then if you like you can add another layer of cover with regular nude, tan or black pantyhose. This method is effective but hard to wear in hot, humid weather. (Ironically, hot humid weather is when family and friends get together for outdoor activities and a closeted CD needs to be able to show their hairy legs.)

What about electrolysis or laser hair removal? Both are effective ways to get your beard or body hair removed but both are expensive and take time. If you are only dressing up once or twice a week is it worth the money? And after you have developed your beard the skin around the hairs is not smooth as a baby’s bottom. Even after a beard is removed you can have a different skin texture in that area. Also, if you are active in your male role you will look strange as a man. With no beard shadow (and shaped eyebrows) you won’t look “normal.” No beard shadow makes a male face look older, as if all the beard hairs have gone gray. So before permanently removing anything evaluate the necessity. Is it worth it to you to look odd as a male in order to look better as a female?

Arm Hair Tip: If you have hairy forearms you can try trimming it down every few days with an electric razor’s sideburn trimmer. Lightly go over the hair and take off a little every few days. Friends and colleagues will in most cases (there can be someone who is super perceptive) not notice that the arm that was formerly hairy is now smooth. A tan helps disguise the bare skin, too.

Femme Eyebrows

Male brows. note the many hairs around the main brow.

Male brows. note the many hairs around the main brow.

We are in a time when more shaped and sculpted eyebrows on men are considered acceptable. If you are a white collar worker you are more likely to not attract attention if your brows are trimmed, plucked or waxed. Blue collar men typically don’t pluck their brows. So what to do if your male lifestyle won’t let you make your brows look more ladylike?

There are techniques that work to tame your bushy male brows. One method calls for using a glue stick and face powder. You coat the brows with the glue stick, press them down and then powder them with a flesh-tone powder. This is a method used by drag performers. After two to three applications the brows are pasted down and almost invisible. They are covered with foundation and powdered again. Then the performer draws on flamboyant brows with an eyebrow pencil. This is most suited to the stage or going out to a nightclub. In daylight the pasted down brows will be more noticeable.

Your brow goal.

Your brow goal.

A variation on the glue stick method is more subtle and better for daytime. You pluck extraneous hairs around your brow area so the main brow has a defined border. Take spirit gum, the adhesive used by actors to apply false beards, and coat the brow hairs with it. Let it dry a bit. Then you press the hairs down and shape them into a more feminine style. (A cuticle pusher is a good tool to use for this. Or a thin dowel rod cut at an angle.) Let them dry and then fill in with an eyebrow pencil. Your formerly bushy male brows are now crossdressed.

Cover Up That Beard Shadow

If you have a dark beard it’s important to cover its shadow completely. After your smooth shave you need to apply moisturizer. Let this set for at least 10-15 minutes.

Note Jon Hamm's beard shadow.

Note Jon Hamm’s beard shadow.

Beard Cover is applied as thinly as possible using either your fingers or a makeup sponge. After you’ve covered the beard area set the beard cover with powder. Press the powder into your skin with a puff. Brush off the excess powder with a makeup brush. If you have problem areas where the beard shadow shows through you can add a concealer to that area. (Upper lip can be one of these spots.) Use a goo concealer. Cover your whole face with a foundation that matches your skin tone. Face, forehead and neck all need to be the same tone and it should match the color of your chest. Now your face canvas is ready to apply eye makeup, lipstick and highlights. YouTube is filled with videos on how to do all that.

Shape That Body

As mentioned previously, the basic woman normally has some curves. Generally speaking women have larger hips, smaller waists and rib cages, and their shoulders/upper bodies are not larger than their hips. (Not always though. I saw a woman in the supermarket today who had shoulders larger than her hips.) Since males can’t do much to diminish their upper body most will have to do some padding on the hips and butt while cinching in the waistline with an appropriate undergarment.

Example of a body shaper that provides compression for the waist and enhance the butt.

Example of a body shaper that provides compression for the waist and enhance the butt.

Corsets are not a good idea for day wear. They are too thick and are noticeable under any top that is slightly tight. The best undergarments for waist slimming are the Spanx® type. They are thin but the elastic is strong and will pull you in a few inches. Experiment with different styles and sizes until you find the ones that work for you.

Waist cincher

Waist cincher

Now and then it’s possible to find waist cinchers that just go around your waist and pull it in. They close in the front with many small hooks. If you have a belly fat issue these will not reduce that, only your waist.

Hip pads and breast forms are available. If you need to add a couple of inches to your hips and butt to balance out your shoulders they will have the sizes of padding that you need. Make sure you experiment with your breast size by stuffing your bra with things like socks. Once you’ve established what size breast looks good on your body you can go ahead and spend money for silicone breast forms.


"Evette" available from The Breastform Store.

Blond Wigs

The crowning glory of your feminine image is your hair. If you have long hair then you are able to wear your own and that is the best, most natural look. If you don’t have long hair it’s time for a wig. Many novice crossdressers will go to a Halloween Adventure store and get a cheap costume wig. You’re not doing yourself any favors buying a cheap wig. You can find quality wigs online at The Breast Form Store and other Internet shops that will serve you better in the long run. Watch for sales and don’t spend hundreds of dollars for human hair wigs. They don’t last any longer than synthetic wigs and there is more upkeep involved.

Everyone has a hairstyle that flatters their face. Finding that style is easier today than ever before since you can take advantage of apps that will put various hairstyles on a photo of you. Put on your makeup, pull your own hair back if needed, and take a good photo of your face. The photo is uploaded and the app will allow you to virtually try on many hairstyles. When you find the one that’s right for your face go with it. A good hairstyle will help disguise male features and highlight your feminine look.

Shoe Notes

Whose shoes?

Practice before going public in these.

Many of us are attracted to wearing extreme stiletto heels and they do look great. But, if you can’t walk in them with poise and grace they can completely undermine your feminine image. Many women can’t walk in them and there’s nothing as big a turn off as some well dressed woman hobbling along in shoes she is afraid she is going to fall out of at any minute. When you’re starting to go out in public to show off your new look go out in stylish flats and work your way up to the higher heels. You may want to stick with flats if you’re over 5’ 10” since three or four inches of heel will put you well above six feet. That, however, depends on whether your intent is to blend in or be noticed by one and all. In any event, before wearing extreme heels in public practice, practice, practice. The biggest reason women can’t walk in their extreme heels is that they only wear them when they go out. Wear them around your house all evening. You will enjoy that and you’ll be getting the practice you need to pull them off well when you’re out and about.

These are just a few of the things a novice crossdresser needs to work on for their best possible feminine image. Staying in shape, watching diet and doing regular skin care are also things you need to pay attention to. The bottom line is, you have this urge to dress up like a woman. Do the best job you can and get out there and enjoy your femme self. If you have ideas for more crossdressing tips you’d like to see here let me know.

These basic tips are from TG Forum and we have many of the supplies and knowledge from our sales people at The Garden of Eden in Victoria, BC.

How to Choose a Mask??

With the success of our Venetian Mask Christmas Tree at the Bay Centre this Christmas we wanted to promote an article about how to choose a Mask.

Masks can be very important for many events as they add a level of excitement, mystery and the perfect accessory for a night out or in the bedroom.

What sort of Masked Event are you attending?

Are you attending a Formal Black Tie Masquerade or a Traditional Masked Ball? Our traditional Venetian masks look great with period costume balls (think Cassanova or Phantom of the Opera) and include everything from the long nosed masks worn by men, to beautiful elaborate colourful feathered masks worn by women. For the more modern black tie masked ball or the 50 Shades of Grey Parties, anything goes – from a simple Zorro style eye mask for men to simple black lace masks for women like Anatasia wore in the movie, remember the more elaborate, outrageous or glamorous masks you can find the more the event will excite you and add a level to your outfit and experience.  Then for the Bedroom a simple Mask might work best or what you find sexually appealing.  Or the newest themed event and masks are Steampunk Masks perfect for Fetish Events, Raves, Swinger nights.


What size Mask should I choose?

Men: there are usually 3 types of masks i.e. full face, half face and eye mask.  Full face masks are great for totally disguising your identity – but not so great at events where you have to eat and drink! Half Face Masks – these might or might not cover the nose, but generally allow you to eat and drink easily and are a classic Venetian shape. Eye masks – usually suits most men and are generally easy and lightweight to wear. See these pictures below.

Mens Masks

Women: If you have a smaller or slimmer face, then try to go for a small petite mask .  Remember the eyes as you want comfort quite beauty when wearing a mask.  Remember how much makeup and the colouring of your outfit and the theme of the event.


Women's mask sizes

How do I know what size fits me?

The majority of people have a fairly good idea if they have a wider or smaller shaped face. If you are petite, then it’s likely you will have a petite face. However, it’s the shape of the face that matters when choosing a mask. All masks are worn over the eye area, so you need to look at the overall width of this area.

  1. If you are slim around the eyes and slim in the cheeks, then go for a smaller petite mask
  2. If you are slim around the eyes but have wide/rounded cheeks, then go for a standard mask
  3. If you have a standard face (not particularly small or large) then go for a standard mask
  4. If you are wide on the eye area or in the face, then go for a wider shape or flexible mask

Masks can be expensive based what type of material or how much detail is in the mask.  Remember a mask is an accessory to your outfit and event, it can be a huge sexual accessory for some people.  Therefore you have to take the time and look at masks as they will change your look, personality and attitude.  Therefore come into our store and take your time viewing our masks from leather bondage masks, Venetian Masks, Satin Masks, Feathered Masks, the new Steampunk Masks, Lace and Metal Masks.




Victoria Festival of Trees – Garden of Eden’s Tree


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Victoria Festival of Trees

November 16, 2016 – January 3, 2017 at The Bay Centre and The Fairmont Empress

Each year, the festival brings together the generous community of Victoria in what has become, over the last two decades, a cherished holiday tradition and the unofficial kick-off to the holiday season in the city.

Event sponsors, local businesses, organizations and individuals decorate trees in a creative and beautiful fashion. The festival invites visitors to browse through the holiday displays and donate to vote for their favourite trees.

This year is shaping up to be our best yet as we “branch” out across the city! For the first time ever we have two festival locations to enjoy: 65 trees at The Bay Centre during regular shopping hours and, 20 trees at The Fairmont Empress, open to viewing daily until 11 p.m.

“I love seeing people’s faces light up as they tell you how they made their decorations. The Festival of Trees is a genuinely heart-warming event.” – Jack Knox, 2015 Judge

How Does the Festival of Trees Help local Kids?

All funds raised through the 2016 Festival of Trees will support the Excellence in Child Health Fund, which supports important programs and services provided by BC Children’s Hospital, its research institute and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Your contribution will support the areas of greatest need in each of these facilities, including specialized research into childhood diseases, the purchase of and/or upgrading to state-of-the-art medical equipment, and education programs for caregivers and families.

Join us in giving our children the best chance of a healthy future.

2016 Festival of Trees online voting is now open!

Organization: The Garden of Eden

Your Personal Victoria Festival of Trees Webpage URL: https://secure.bcchf.ca/SuperheroPages/main.cfm?Event=FOT&Member=71042


What is The Festival of Trees Online Voting System?

The Festival of Trees Online Voting System is an fundraising tool that allows users to conduct their own fundraising and vote collection campaigns online. This system will allow online visitors to make a donation and vote for their favourite tree (YOURS!) at the Festival of Trees. 


Text-to-Vote Process:


1.    Text  “031” to “45678”


2.    Donor received a text:

“Reply with the dollar amount you want to donate to Festival of Trees: 5,, 10, 20, or 25. HELP? Email: support@mobilegiving.ca


3.    Donor responds with the desired amount.


4.    Donor receives a text saying:

“To confirm your $X donation to the Festival of Trees, reply with the word YES. INFO? Visit hmgf.ca/t Data Rates May Apply or txt HELP.”


5.    Donor responds with YES


6.    Donor receives text thanking them and acknowledging our Text-to-Vote Sponsor

Please vote for The Garden of Eden’s Tree of Venetian Masks.

Adult Costume Sale


Halloween may be over and past – but we are having a sale on our Adult Costumes with many priced at $29.95 each.

So many costumes to choose from, Sailors, Police, Snow White, Princess, Racer Car Drivers, Furry and Wild Animals, Devils, Angels, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from OZ, Fairies, Box Fighters, Bull Riders, – so many themed costumes on special at $29.95 with many sizes to choose from Xsmall to XXLarge.

Come into The Garden of Eden and check out our Costume Sale.



Mehron Halloween Makeup Kits

Netflix Canada added Skin Wars to their TV Shows and this amazing TV show is about Body Painting.  Which is why this Blog Post is about the most popular supplier of professional Makeup – Mehron.

We offer Mehron Makeup kits and individual pieces to help create your perfect Halloween costume and accessories.

Here are a few of the Halloween Makeup Kits and Supplies we offer from Mehron and supplies are limited.  But if you are looking for that professional look – Mehron Makeup is amazing. Happy Halloween!!!!


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